The Marketing Mix – a recipe for success


Is it time to spice up your current marketing mix, to shake it up and create a stir? Or perhaps you’re starting a new exciting venture but not sure whether it will turn out a flop or a marvellous wonder? This quick guide to the marketing mix will get you thinking outside of the packaging […]

Digital Spice Your Web Design Team

Hi There! We’re Scroll down to find out more about working with us… Scroll Down 0 + days = lots of experience We’ve been building great looking, professional and affordable websites for over a decade… Previous Next Mobile Responsive SEO Friendly Customer Focused Solutions Great Service & Support We take pride in every project we […]

The inspiration behind Digital Spice


I thought I might write something a bit more personal, to give you some insight into what drives Digital Spice to develop great looking websites to help small to medium businesses grow online. A bit of history… Digital Spice started up around mid 2012, though we had been building websites for many years before this. […]

What is Remarketing?


Have you had any of those ‘de ja vu’ moments when you’ve visited a website and BAM! all of a sudden you start seeing ads everywhere on other websites and social media pages reminding you of a product you previously checked out? It feels like these adverts are saying ‘Hey there! remember me? I’m still […]

Facebook for Business

Digital Spice Facebook

Social Media provides an effective means to communicate with your customers – keep them up to date on new announcements, encourage more sales through word of mouth and drive more traffic to your business website. Digital Spice have put together a beginners guide on how to get started using Facebook for business. This guide covers: […]

Mobile Friendly Website Design

Tourism Website Design

Gone are the days of noisy modems and dial up internet. Now you can browse the net from anywhere – in a shopping centre, a cafe, a bar, the car (not whilst driving of course) – smart phones and tablet devices allow you to look up information on businesses, products and services on the fly. […]

The Web Design Process

Website design for Green Energy

Hi there! So you’re considering getting a new website for your business – however perhaps unsure on how to get started? This article talks you through the Digital Spice web development process so you know up front how things work, what we will need from you and what you can expect from us. Getting your […]