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Facebook for Business

Social Media provides an effective means to communicate with your customers – keep them up to date on new announcements, encourage more sales through word of mouth and drive more traffic to your business website.

Digital Spice have put together a beginners guide on how to get started using Facebook for business.

This guide covers:

  • The difference between Friends and Fan pages
  • How to create a Facebook Page for your business
  • How to start adding content and posts
  • What sort of things you can post about
  • Tips for writing posts
  • How to start getting ‘Likes’

Benefits of utilising Facebook to market your business include:

  • Brand awareness – gain more exposure for your business.
  • Establish an online community – create a following for your business, products & services
  • Engagement with customers – gain feedback, suggestions and reviews.
  • Keep customers up-to-date, – inform of new products or services, encourage more sales.
  • Word of mouth marketing – provides a means for your customers to recommend your business to their ‘Friends’ by commenting, sharing and ‘liking’ your posts.
  • Gain Insight – your page analytics will give you a deeper understanding of your customers e.g. what posts people are most interested in – most ‘Liked’ posts, most commented etc

To download the Getting Started on Facebook Guide  CLICK HERE

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