The Marketing Mix – a recipe for success


Is it time to spice up your current marketing mix, to shake it up and create a stir? Or perhaps you’re starting a new exciting venture but not sure whether it will turn out a flop or a marvellous wonder? This quick guide to the marketing mix will get you thinking outside of the packaging […]

Marketing plan for new business


Have you just started a new business? Or perhaps you are wanting to expand your current market to gain more sales. Digital Spice have put together a FREE marketing plan template to help your business determine your competition, establish your points of difference and develop strong goals to reach your target markets. Your marketing plan […]

A Quick Guide on Website Engagement

Website social media engagement

Customer engagement is essential for creating and maintaining interest on products and services. It plays a crucial part of brand development, builds up trust and rapport… and keeps your customers coming back for more! This article discusses ways you can create engagement with your customers via your business website. We’re not talking marriage proposals! Rather […]

Relationship advice for your website


Do you feel like your website is just not connecting with you and your audience? Perhaps it’s not providing what you need from it… Or perhaps it’s time to look at moving on to something new? This guide discusses ways to make your website more engaging, perform better, attract attention and create an impact that […]

A quick guide on Blogging

What is a blog, how to start one and how it can help your business grow. A blog provides a space where you can write, publish and share articles. It can be a place to communicate and engage with your auidence, promote and discuss news, products and services and share experiences and ideas. Having a […]

Conduct your own website audit


Is your website performing well for your business? Is your website being found? Does your website load slow? What can be done to improve performance? Conducting your own website audit can provide insight on how well your website is working for your needs, help you to determine goals and identify areas that need improvement. This […]

Website SEO Basics


The fundamentals of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) – a quick guide As a website developer and digital marketer, I all too often come across a website that has been put together with little understanding on basic SEO principles. After all a heading is just to make the website content look pretty isn’t it? You would […]

Making sense of Adsense

Making sense of AdSense

The Who, What and Why of Google AdSense – When establishing digital marketing strategies for your business, understanding the fundamentals for online advertising platforms such as Google AdSense can be confusing and downright frustrating. To avoid hair loss, smashing of devices and colleagues complaining about your obscenities trying to make sense of the jargon… Digital […]

What is Remarketing?


Have you had any of those ‘de ja vu’ moments when you’ve visited a website and BAM! all of a sudden you start seeing ads everywhere on other websites and social media pages reminding you of a product you previously checked out? It feels like these adverts are saying ‘Hey there! remember me? I’m still […]

Facebook for Business

Digital Spice Facebook

Social Media provides an effective means to communicate with your customers – keep them up to date on new announcements, encourage more sales through word of mouth and drive more traffic to your business website. Digital Spice have put together a beginners guide on how to get started using Facebook for business. This guide covers: […]