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Hi There! We’re Scroll down to find out more about working with us… Scroll Down 0 + days = lots of experience We’ve been building great looking, professional and affordable websites for over a decade… Previous Next Mobile Responsive SEO Friendly Customer Focused Solutions Great Service & Support We take pride in every project we […]

What is SSL? And does my website need it?


As a web developer, I am often asked: “What is an SSL Certificate? What does it do? And where do I get one?” Here is a quick non-techy guide on all you need to know about SSL Certificates. What is an SSL Certificate? SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer which creates a secure connection for […]

A Quick Guide on Website Engagement

Website social media engagement

Customer engagement is essential for creating and maintaining interest on products and services. It plays a crucial part of brand development, builds up trust and rapport… and keeps your customers coming back for more! This article discusses ways you can create engagement with your customers via your business website. We’re not talking marriage proposals! Rather […]

Relationship advice for your website


Do you feel like your website is just not connecting with you and your audience? Perhaps it’s not providing what you need from it… Or perhaps it’s time to look at moving on to something new? This guide discusses ways to make your website more engaging, perform better, attract attention and create an impact that […]

A quick guide on Blogging

What is a blog, how to start one and how it can help your business grow. A blog provides a space where you can write, publish and share articles. It can be a place to communicate and engage with your auidence, promote and discuss news, products and services and share experiences and ideas. Having a […]

Conduct your own website audit


Is your website performing well for your business? Is your website being found? Does your website load slow? What can be done to improve performance? Conducting your own website audit can provide insight on how well your website is working for your needs, help you to determine goals and identify areas that need improvement. This […]

Website SEO Basics


The fundamentals of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) – a quick guide As a website developer and digital marketer, I all too often come across a website that has been put together with little understanding on basic SEO principles. After all a heading is just to make the website content look pretty isn’t it? You would […]

Mobile Friendly Website Design

Tourism Website Design

Gone are the days of noisy modems and dial up internet. Now you can browse the net from anywhere – in a shopping centre, a cafe, a bar, the car (not whilst driving of course) – smart phones and tablet devices allow you to look up information on businesses, products and services on the fly. […]

The Web Design Process

Website design for Green Energy

Hi there! So you’re considering getting a new website for your business – however perhaps unsure on how to get started? This article talks you through the Digital Spice web development process so you know up front how things work, what we will need from you and what you can expect from us. Getting your […]

Mistakes to avoid for your business website

Website mistakes to avoid

As web designers, we receive quite a few quote requests from businesses who already have a website created by another provider but are unhappy with the outcome. This article discusses what and how to avoid common pitfalls when getting your new business website developed to save you on wasted time and budget. Cheapest Websites Ever! […]