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Joomla CMS Websites for business

What is Joomla?

Joomla is an award-winning open source Content Management System (CMS) with a vibrant development community. It is a trusted CMS platform used by Millions all over the world.

What is a Content Management System (CMS)?

A CMS enables you to manage the content on your website.

You can log in to an administration panel to edit and add text, images, pages and features – providing flexibility to expand with the needs of your business.

We at Digital Spice are big fans of Joomla CMS – this article discusses the top 5 reasons on why we love to use Joomla and how it provides an ideal platform for your business CMS website.

Reason #1 Because Open Source Matters

Being open source it is free to use with no on-going licence fees.

We believe this to be a big plus for our clients as many commercial CMS solutions can be costly over time and restrictive such as locking their clients into only being able to use their service and providing little or no flexibility to expand or move in the future.

With Joomla, you have the right to use the software and it can be modified in any way to suit your website needs.

Reason #2 Usability

Joomla provides an intuitive user interface for administrating the content on your website.

We often hear our clients saying “Wow, this is so easy!” when shown how to use Joomla for the first time.

With built in features such as:

  • Menu manager – for adding/editing items on your website navigation/menu
  • Article manager – for adding/editing page content with an easy to use, feature rich text editor
  • User manager – for managing who has access to the administration of your website and what permissions they have
  • Media manager – for adding/removing and editing images to the pages on your website
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) – add page titles and metadata for all new page articles on the fly

You too will be suprised by how easy it is to effectively manage the content on your website.

Reason #3 Flexibility and Expansion

There are more than 3,500 extensions available to add almost any sort of functionality to your website.

Slideshows, photo galleries, ecommerce shopping carts, email newsletter management – Joomla provides the perfect platform to grow with the needs of your business website.

Reason #4 Fully Customisable

Digital Spice understands that each clients needs are unique.

Joomla’s templating system allows for complete customisation so we can design and develop effective and feature rich web solutions with strong branding – crafted to reach your target market.

Reason #5 We know it inside-out and backwards

We have been living and breathing Joomla for years and it has become one of our CMS’s of choice for website development. Our years of experience has enabled us to establish an extensive library of resources and extensions to implement into effective web solutions.

We know what it can acheive – but are still regularly impressed by what it can do.

Joomla CMS Websites

Look through our web portfolio to see examples of our work and check out our CMS website packages.

Contact Digital Spice today to discuss your Joomla CMS website needs.

We service clients in Redlands QLD, Brisbane and Australia Wide.

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